Verve Sports

Your Qatari based edgy and retro brand offering you a variety of sports wear.

Venus Karma

Passionate about art and unique home décor? Venus Karma perfectly blends together a beautiful mix of exclusive products that complement each other. They offer a vision for all audiences thanks to their versatility of products that fit every style.


A new and edgy boutique featuring folded eyewear, customizable watch rolls, and neon signs, all gathered under one roof, where local artists can also exhibit their paintings and art.


Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. It was opened in Florence, Italy in 1612, taking the formulas of Dominican friars that originate from 13th century. The old perfume house has finally opened in Qatar, bringing you more than 40 different perfumes, candles, cosmetics, and room fragrances.

Qiyorro Beauty

Discover Qatar’s first conscious beauty company that offers you a curation of the most sought-after skincare from across the world, along with the most luxurious hair & body care brands.

Project Two

Contemporary abayas and fashionable outfits inspired by a mix of Qatari multi-brands. We help your vision come to life by customizing your ideal abaya down to every detail.

Pida Beauty

A health & beauty brand that introduces Korean skincare trends to Qatar. Enjoy hand-selected products such as hair and body care, and benefit from occasional workshops to learn more about beauty and skincare.

Myriad Beauty

Learn how to focus on caring for your skin to ensure long-term health, confidence, and youthfulness at Myriad Beauty where you can indulge in honest products for your self-care rituals from all over the world.


Providing handmade items to artisanal lovers. Get your high-end abayas, tablecloths, towels, and home accessories among many more items now.

Kaltham’s Jewelry

Narrating stories through meticulously curated jewels, inspired by Qatar’s culture, architecture, design and nature resulting in unique colored stones and diamonds designed by Kaltham Al Majid. 

Hot Cups & More

Exclusive Qatari distributor of some of the most renowned houseware brands providing you with a one stop solution for all coffee & tea related products.

Ghada Al Buainain

Admire fine jewels that aim for eminence, curating urban and peerless designs while combining exquisite shapes.


Discover new smells at Fratelli, an authentic perfumery offering you various fragrances, originally from Italy.


A brand of Portuguese origins offering a wide selection of sustainable items ranging from houseware and furniture to lifestyle products and fashionable items. Discover what it means to be an eco-friendly, 100% vegan brand now.

BUCO Jewellery

The first jewelry and piercing parlor in Qatar – simple, modern and beautiful jewels crafted for you.

Artal Perfume

Discover the largest collection of unique scents and fragrances blended together, allowing you to stand out in a crowd. Each bottle has its own story specifically tailored for you.

Al-jazeera Perfumes

In partnership with renowned international perfume brands, Al Jazeera perfumes offer you exquisite scents and fragrances. The Company’s aim is to spread its aromatic influence far and wide by redefining the perfumes and aromatherapy industry.

Al Hafeez

Unique collectable items available from Al Hafeez located in Msheireb Galleria.

AhJar Msheireb

Characterized by all that is rare and special in the Amber and Gemstone world, Ahjar Msheireb focuses more on Amber in all its shapes and forms.